Why Us

Our aim is to respond to your needs effectively, with a professional service that is tailored to your requirements. Your accountants should be an intrinsic part of your business operation; people with whom you have a close and trusted working relationship and who know and understand your business.

An enduring principle of ours is the belief that regular and accurate financial information and advice are crucial to the ability of a business to grow and prosper, and so should always be available to our clients.

One of our main strengths is our bookkeeping service, which allows our clients to make material savings by outsourcing to GKF. This can be as simple as day-to-day bookkeeping, or we can provide a financial reporting and advisory service which is akin to having a full-time financial director at an affordable cost.


‘The savings achieved by not having in-house bookkeeping are very impressive, as is the financial reporting service which you provide. The latter service has been of major benefit and is akin to having a full time finance director. This has been particularly valuable in consolidating our relationship with our bankers. Finally let me congratulate you on the accuracy of your financial projections, which have been truly extraordinary’.

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